"Jerry has the unique ability to cut through the haze and provide clear direction." —Bill Chee, Past PresidentNational Association of Realtors

"Jerry's vision and strategic insight are legendary. No one is better able to anticipate and address emerging issues. Jerry not only possesses extraordinary industry and Association knowledge, he is able to create unique strategies that capitalize on this insight." —Joel Singer, Chief Executive Officer, California Association of Realtors

"Of those who peer into the future and venture to predict where the real estate industry is headed, no one sees further or more clearly than Jerry Matthews. He has put the Associations he has managed on the leading edge of change." —Stephen Harding, Executive Vice President, Tennessee Association of Realtors

"Jerry helped our Associations become participants in an accelerated unification process. His experience moved us to well-considered and positive approaches. Insurmountable issues of the past became negotiable possibilities." —Mark Trenka, President, Denver Board of REALTORS®

"Having known and worked with Jerry for over 25 years, he has established a premier reputation for identifying industry trends, creating a plan of action for the organization, and delivering on time real products for the association and membership to deal with the rapid changes in the industry." —Bill Malkasian, President Wisconsin Realtors Association

"Jerry played an invaluable role in finding our new CEO. With his process we were able to: (1) compress the timeline for completion, (2) attract a larger, more qualified pool of candidates, (3) establish a clear, focused criteria for the CEO position, and (4) systematically evaluate the candidates. Jerry delivered the best available candidates in the shortest time, which greatly benefits our Association." —Randy Jeffers, Search Committee Chairman Texas Association of Realtors

"Jerry is the best person I know to move your association forward. He has the unique experience needed to understand your issues, the unique ability to look into the future and the creativity to apply this knowledge in a practical way." —Gar Anderson, VP Leadership Development National Association of Realtors

"Jerry has spot-on insight into what steps are needed to identify and deal with the "elephants" in the room to bring about a successful merger. He pulls no punches, yet unites and energizes seemingly disparate group cultures into one body focused on the long term benefits unification will bring to the members." —Laura Rubinfeld, CEO Eastern Bergen County Association of Realtors

"Jerry provided a stimulating and thought-provoking analysis and led our group into one of the most lively and productive series of discussions we have ever had about our association. Every member was excited and engaged." —Ann Guiberson, President Pinellas Realtor Organization

"I have known and worked with Jerry for over 30 years and consider him to be one of the brightest and future thinking executives. Any organization will benefit from his expertise and ability to stimulate new thinking and commitment." —Bud Smith, Former CEO, National Association of Realtors

"Jerry did a wonderful job of assisting us in locating a new CEO. His diverse contacts and understanding of the industry were invaluable in bringing us only well qualified candidates. His organizational skills allowed us to efficiently and quickly elevate the best candidate for our purposes." —John Applegate, President North Texas Real Estate Information Services

"Jerry was instrumental on getting us on the right path for merger. With his vision, experience and expertise he was able to assist us to clarify our thought process and identify obstacles, which allowed us to focus on our goals." —Michael Welk, Chairman Jefferson County Association of Realtors®

"As a wise man once said 'the sign of a great man is that the closer you get, the greater he seems.' Well, that pretty much sums up Jerry. He has a true gift in getting people of many backgrounds and temperaments to acknowledge a business environment they otherwise would neglect – and act." —Dwight Hale, Chairman San Antonio Association of Realtors

"As one of the premier facilitators of our time, Jerry Matthews is a winner! He has the experience, keen insight into our profession and the skills needed to guide the leadership and staff of any association into uncharted waters with confidence." —Chris Todd, CEO Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

"Jerry's presentation on change was spot on. His eye-opening glimpse into the future received rave reviews from a tough audience that is now pondering whether to change business practices or change professions!" —Angela Cain, Chief Executive Officer Mississippi Association of Realtors

"Jerry's presentation was cogent, succinct, and yet understandable. He is a must-have for your Association if you wish to be a step or two ahead of everyone else." —George Stevens, Chairman NAR Business and Technology Forum

"Jerry Matthews provides an eye-opening look at how real estate professionals are doing business today and what they can expect in the future. Our members could not stop talking about him." —Kristin Carey, Director of Education National Women's Council of Realtors

"Jerry's presentation was informative and engaging. He clearly knows the direction in which our industry and the consumer are moving, and he was able to share that knowledge with our members in a way that they could easily apply to their businesses." —Terry Ketchum, CEO Charleston Trident Association of Realtors

"We searched for an exciting and knowledgeable industry keynote speaker for our General Membership Conference and readily booked Jerry Matthews. His years of experience and timely approach gave us a 'heads up kick-start'!" —Petey Parker, Acting CEO The Realty Alliance

"Strategic Visioning session. Those words can conjure up cold shivers down your spine for some and complete boredom for others. That is not what happens with a session with Jerry Mathews. Clear, concise, thought provoking and results driven was our outcome with Jerry" —Terry Penza, President & Chief Operating Officer, North Shore - Barrington Association of Realtors

"Our Association has never had as many positive comments on a speaker! Jerry Matthews's seminar kept the full attention of all in attendance. The "real life" examples and realistic advice will be invaluable to all participants in dealing with their clients today as well as in the future." —Libby Sheard, Executive Director Little Rock Realtors Association

"What a great job and timely information. We have rave reviews from the attendees and I cannot thank you both enough for providing such an important member service!" —Cheryl Nelson, CEO Iowa City Area Association of Realtors

"Your speech on the future was eye-opening. You scared half the room to death. The other half was excited as hell…including me!" —Ginger Downs, CEO Chicago Association of Realtors

"Your strategic planning is an amazing process that leaves participants saying "that was easy" and "not painful". It leaves members feeling that they truly participated in the future of the Association. Your approach allows everyone to claim ownership and invites participation. My hat is off to you! " —Sandra O'Connor, Director Greensboro Regional Realtor Association

"The Plan has raised our organization to another level. It has been the 'starter' of every major endeavor since it was drafted. Because it is a practical, realistic tool, we've experienced tremendous buy-in from our members and leaders. I appreciated your approach seeking a member-driven plan as opposed to imposing your vision on the members." —Randy Jeffers, Chairman of the Board, Texas Association of Realtors

"Having Jerry Matthews as our Strategic Planning facilitator created a commitment from our volunteer leaders and staff to develop a plan that refocused the direction of our delivery of services to the membership. A plan all members could understand and implement into programs for delivery." —Malcolm Young, Executive Vice President, Louisiana Association of Realtors

"Jerry Matthews was able to do what no one else had been able to do in 20 years and he did it all in 3 meetings with our task force. A merger had been discussed with meetings over and over and nothing would ever come of it. Jerry's experience to us was invaluable." —Deb Treat Frazier, CEO Realtor Association of Southwestern Illinois

"Your leadership was a great help for our state leadership team at our annual planning meeting. The presence of enough futuristic thoughts laced with doses of current day realities led us to a solid direction to look forward without leaving the present behind." —Jim Rhoades, President, Colorado Association of Realtors

"There is no true way to predict the future. Our Association took the next best step and asked Jerry Matthews to assist us in designing a workable strategic plan that (1) made sense, (2) keeps us in the forward thinking mode and (3) we could take personal pride in developing using our past, present and future concepts. And he did it!" —Sheri D. Fejeran, President South Bay Association of Realtors

"Your approach to Strategic Visioning was refreshing. It felt like a crash course and the end product was amazingly comprehensive – yet simple. You did a great job and helped us point ourselves in the right direction. —Diane Ruggiero, CEO Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors

"Jerry did an excellent job facilitating our annual retreat. He motivated the board members, generating a great deal of discussion, which allowed for many ideas to be developed. This resulted in an exceptional strategic plan. He was a great help in planning our future, and giving us the tools to see results." —Connie Pruitt, Executive Director Hillsborough County Bar Association

"Single best move best we've made. Jerry knows our industry inside and out, and he supplements presentations with some of the brightest, most engaging experts anywhere. My leadership was on board with him immediately." —David Foster, President & CEO Austin Board of Realtors

"Jerry Matthews assists organizations in creating plans that are responsive to a changing industry, and can actually be implemented. Two days with Jerry helped our planning group set the right direction for our organization for the next 12 months. He knows the right questions to ask." —Cindy Butts, Executive Vice President, Maine Association of Realtors

"Bravo! Thank you for leading us in developing our Strategic Plan. Your presentation was extremely good. An enjoyable time." —Karen Crowson, President Arkansas Realtors Association

"I have to compare Jerry's approach to Strategic Planning to that being utilized by another Board on which on which I serve. On that board, after almost a year, we still don't have a Strategic Plan and, as one of their Directors, I feel that the whole thing isn't worth my time. With Jerry, it was 24 hours, lots of fun, lots of input and a great end result. Done. Very impressive." —Susan Arnold, CEO, Rhode Island Association of Realtors

"Jerry's thoughtful style and extensive knowledge about organized real estate are real assets to any association planning its future." —Pierre Beauchamp, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Real Estate Association

"Jerry provides that special combination of keen business insight with excellent planning skills. He truly served as "facilitator", allowing our group to begin with a clean sheet of paper, use information from various surveys and interviews, and then develop their own ideas and insights into our final Plan." —Robert N. Authier, CEO Massachusetts Association of Realtors

"Jerry Matthews is a professional facilitator – he led us through a strategic planning retreat with thoughtfulness, ease and fun. His pre-planning and execution of our event were thorough and smooth leading us to a great outcome." —Andy Lawrence, President St. Louis Association of Realtors

"If you are thinking of strategic planning, do not go it alone. Jerry brought us all together in a way that we could never have done on our own. The cooperation in our session was so natural, and was so easy with his leadership and direction. It took that impartial third party to set us on the right path." —Jeanne Kozak, Chairman Eastern Panhandle Board of Realtors

"Jerry Matthews does an outstanding job keeping everyone focused on the task at hand-- creating a meaningful, attainable vision for your organization. With charisma and experience, he makes it lively and enjoyable! We accomplished more in a day, under his guidance, than others do in a week!" —Alex S. Holbert, President Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors

"Jerry made a great presentation for our regional leadership to prepare and plan in good times and be ready for challenging periods in the future. To quote one attendee, 'this was the best of all sessions'". —Pat Reilly, VP New York State Association of Realtors

"We are in the 11th year of a leadership academy and have been trying to do new things and to stretch the thinking of everyone. We hit on that this year with the assistance of Jerry Matthews. He managed to challenge the mindsets of the participants; that is difficult to do with my group." —Steve Sullivan, CEO Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors

"We were pleasantly surprised at the Contingency Planning workshop led by Jerry. We were expecting gloomy projections and a host of dry figures. Instead the experience was stimulating, and we discussed a future filled with possibilities and opportunities. We had fun! The day was over before we realized it." —Dianne McMillan, CEO North San Diego County Association of Realtors

" Jerry melted the most opposed of egos into a single voice which allowed us to advance our organization. He has the ability to align the best parts of a diverse group to summon great conclusions. Sincere and butter smooth, which made our group want to come to a positive consensus" —Jason Brewer, Chairman Summit Board of Realtors

"For our first Strategic Planning Retreat we chose Jerry as facilitator. We wanted someone with the right blend of industry experience and group dynamics savvy. Jerry provided both and more. He allowed everyone to get involved and feel that they were part of the process - guiding but not steering the group." —Russ Bergeron, General Manager, Southern California MLS

"Jerry has a thoughtful and casual style with which he gracefully navigates political and technological issues with equal competence. He has an insightful understanding of the daily complexities of operating a business, as well as significant experience in leading of an organization, which brings credibility to the process." —Jim Harrison, CEO North Texas Real Estate Information Systems

"The two days of visioning lead the leadership of the three associations through all the possibilities merger and kick started their efforts toward one association" —Barbara Lambert, CEO Denver Board of Realtors

"I strongly recommend that you take a serious look at Jerry's unique consulting process. It is efficient, productive and results in specific action plans for your company. And as importantly, he generates consensus from a highly eclectic and demanding customer; your customer base." —David Charron, President Metropolitan Regional Information System

"Jerry Matthews delivers all that he promises, and then some. He is diligent in his preparation, and provides excellent working materials for the search committee. His guidance is deferential, respectful, but always astute and to the point. I have worked with other providers of such services before, but Jerry is superior." —John Mike, President Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches